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Cali Green Kings
Average rating:  
 122 reviews
by James1 on Cali Green Kings

Perfect everything

by Richy on Cali Green Kings

Your OG kush is well worth the money I will be buying it again. Got your guys from

by mich145 on Cali Green Kings

This is my 8th order and it is always getting better. Your customers service can make me spend all my bread on your store, they are just the best. I didn't see any extra grams on this order

by Noel on Cali Green Kings

Good tasty weed gets you high.

by Jeff on Cali Green Kings

Saw them on bud trader and tried them damn it, best buds ever. I was cured. Thanks to everyone especially Mason for everything, best buds awesome customers service. I will get more after finishing this, I also notices 5 grams extra on my 1 lb.

by Kim451 on Cali Green Kings


by Lillian on Cali Green Kings

I would rate CaliGreenKings as a end of the search dispensary.. It wasn't bad, smelled alright, tasted ok.. Buzz was pretty good. Overall it was enjoyable.. I'll say I would take this at its price point over paying more at my old plug.. Thaks for everything

by Hilda on Cali Green Kings

Am happy for your services and the quality of your weed. Hope you maintain the same quality because I will be ordering every week. Am very satisfied and thanks for the extra Gram on my order

by Gina on Cali Green Kings

Saw the site yesterday and gave it a try and got my order delivered today. Super awesome buds and great customer service
Thanks again and again

by Anthony J on Cali Green Kings

Beyond satisfied with this company. Their customer service is excellent and the products are top shelf with great prices! Happy customer. Love CaliGreenKings!

by Jack on Cali Green Kings

This place is better than anything we have had before, and believe me I know the best here. Super lightening quick reliable delivery, and the potency is spot on! All in all super pleased with the products and the level of interaction available to obtain knowledge about different offerings.

by Ruhollah on Cali Green Kings

So I ordered 2 oz of sour diesel and well I’m very impressed with the quality of the product this is the 4 or 5 time now that I order from CaliGreenKings and I never had a problem thx again CaliGreenKings

by Nikita on Cali Green Kings

I was completely amazed to find this site that seemed to good to be true. My medical supply and other sources my area are so expensive and shipping is a real pain. This site is great! Ordered on Sunday and was in my mailbox Wednesday. I had to adjust a bit as I am used to tracking numbers auto-generating quickly and this service is a little less administratively motivated….LET ME TELL YOU, the trade-off is well worth it! My first order was fantastic and fast and cheap and I would pick this over any medical, recreational or online order service I’ve encountered in my 30 years of travels. I will be ordering again soon. Please keep up the great work

by Aaron on Cali Green Kings

Best ever. I tell all my friends and family. Simply best buds for your money.
Keep up the great work guys

by Garrison on Cali Green Kings

Excellent quality of strains, amazing prices on green and shatter. Quick and easy delivery. A exceptional experience and I will be ordering again soon. Thank You Cali Green Kings

by Murray on Cali Green Kings

Received my first order yesterday and I’m quite pleased. From the service, delivery and quality, it’s all top shelf. Happy I found this site as this won’t be my last order. If you’re hesitant, don’t be…you won’t regret it.

by Pauline on Cali Green Kings

Best site out there. Quality, priced right and speedy delivery. Tried numerous strains and all are top shelf!

by Traudl on Cali Green Kings

100% pleased with my first purchase from CaliGreenKings. We got the THC distillate vape pen and it knocked me on my ass. By far the strongest I’ve found so far, no strange aftertaste. The rechargeable aspect is a huge bonus! I also got some of the AAAA+ White Zombie. When he opened the bag his jaw dropped at how beautiful the buds were and completely in tact. Has a gorgeous pine aroma and tastes even better. Leaves a nice quick-hitting and well balanced high. A few friends also sampled it and loved it. I’ll be ordering a lot more and trying additional strains. This is a company you can trust! And shipping was super fast. Can’t say enough good things!

by Frederic on Cali Green Kings

Ordered a oz of super Silver Haze. Guess they were out so they upgraded me from ssh AAA+ to snow white AAAA+ and holy crap I’m not disappointed. Came in 3 days and its mind blowing. Some of the best smoke I ever had. CaliGreenKings is amazing!

by Benito on Cali Green Kings

I was a little worried about my order. My order still says processing but I’ve received it today. Customer support is fantastic, they reassured me everything was alright, as it is. Great prices, great service. I think I’ve just found a new favorite site! Thanks

by Philip on Cali Green Kings

was a little skeptical of using this website with the prices being too good to be true and all but i’m SO glad i did, amazing prices and quality product! super fast shipping and great customer service! definitely gained a life time customer!!

by Al Martel on Cali Green Kings

The RSO I received was worth the wait. Great work CaliGreenKings crew. It arrived just in time I had 2 doses left.
Al Martel

by Sandra on Cali Green Kings

As a 35+ year smoker, CaliGreenKings is hands down the best! Legit and high quality buds / canna products. Prices are outstanding imo. As long as CaliGreenKings is around, I’m a loyal customer.

by Boris on Cali Green Kings

Oh my, I love these guys already.It was not good at first communication could have been better but a BIG but they so made up for it. To start my order sat in the processing mode for 48hrs and panic started to set in, I ordered early on a Tuesday morn in the hopes it would make it to me by Friday so I would have it for the week end so I messaged them and asked if there was an issue with my order and why it had not shipped yet. They asked for my order num and said they would get back to me. A couple hours went by they sent me message saying the product I purchased had not met their quality standards and that they were just waiting for better product and they would ship it out.Ok fast forward to Monday and it arrived they sent me a AAAA+ Bud. I am what you would call a hard case I don’t even usually get high but what these guys sent me was nothing short of Fabulous I think my search may be over I may have found the Best Mail Order Supplier in the market theses guys are probably going to be my GO TO guys from now on. Thanks so much keep up the great products and services.

by Hayley on Cali Green Kings

placed an order 2 days ago and have received it.I like the products

by Robinson on Cali Green Kings

Thee guys are the best.

by Benjamin on Cali Green Kings

Honest AAAA+

by Audrey on Cali Green Kings

Promo deal is much better than I expected and actually arrived sooner than I expected.. Hats off to whoever was answering emails too, Really friendly and super helpful.. All round One of the better sites Ive found so far

by Zbigniew on Cali Green Kings

Great site been smoking 2 years now great quality buds you got, Godfather og, Death bubba top quality buds will definitely buy again. Order your flower here. Peace

by Max on Cali Green Kings

Duke nukem looks dope! Delivery went great. Can wait till later tonight. %100 recommend CaliGreenKings. I Wish I bought the pens now. Deffinately
a future customer.

by Nielson on Cali Green Kings

Nice Buds,, Good customer service too.. Try to order early in the week though

by Chris on Cali Green Kings

Very impressed with the quality of the product. Will recommend this site to others.

by Andy on Cali Green Kings

Shout out, Best recommendation from my friends

by Richard on Cali Green Kings

Great products and really fast shipping, one of the best if not the best.

by Lorenz on Cali Green Kings

Shout Out To CaliGreenKings! Damb these guys are dead on point with their quality, price and there super quick customer service. There specials cant be beat I will be ordering from them all the time! Thanks CaliGreenKings

by Jaroslav on Cali Green Kings

Received my first order today. Ordered the Duke Green Crack and the 2 for Distillate pens. was a problem with one of the pens but I emailed them soon as I opened package and noticed the issue. Was impressed with the VERY quick response. They said they will correct the issue and send me a new one out right away. The flower is top Notice. The smell when I opened the bag was amazing, and the buzz was great. Was a little nervous about making my first ever online purchase. besides the little hiccup with the pen, all and all very happy happy with the product and customer service. will be a repeat customer for sure

by Ellen on Cali Green Kings

Outstanding prices
Top notch customer service
Best weed period.
I am now a proud member of the CaliGreenKings family. Keep up the great work guys.

by Henrik on Cali Green Kings

kinda took a hot minute to get to me. but it was good

by Whitney on Cali Green Kings

Very impressed. Was a rough start but awesome quality. Quality remains the same this will b my site for chronic.

by Erwin on Cali Green Kings

Product came packaged nicely and an extra gram. Thank-you 🙂

by Josh on Cali Green Kings

Some of the best Quality weed around !! And amazing Customer service! order from them and you wont be disappointed 😊

by Robert on Cali Green Kings

Hard to believe they can maintain such a good quality to price ratio. Strongly recommend these guys !! Super satisfied long term customer!.

by Heinz on Cali Green Kings

one of the best moms around. you won’t find better deals anywhere else. not to mention they have a deal for most holidays and occasions which is really nice for the consumer. I’ve only ordered the 1 ounces so far but have heard all their higher priced bud is some of the best shit you will find. if you become a member CaliGreenKings sends some awesome info and deals. I recommend this site

by Jake on Cali Green Kings

Honestly the best site for weed around. Have done a ton of orders with them and it has all been amazing quality, especially given the prices. I’ve only ever had one problem with them and they replied very quickly, resolved the problem immediately and apologized for the inconvenience, so their customer service is amazing too. Usually takes 3 days to get my order from when I hit check out. Would highly recommend.

by Alexander on Cali Green Kings

By far the best site! I ordered from these guys a couple of times now and I gotta say I was more then satisfied! Awesome bud and even better prices!!

by Edmund on Cali Green Kings

very impressed got me as a steady

by Elbert on Cali Green Kings

first time customer here…and i will be a repeat customer.. like all the stuff i got, cant wait to try more 🙂

by Zane on Cali Green Kings

Received my package today. Just in time of need. Great service.

by Lindsey on Cali Green Kings

Just recieved my parcel, ounce of OG AAAA+ .
Very pleased with the product, smells delicious and looks amazing!!
I will no longer be ordering from my previous websites and will be using CaliGreenKings from now on

by Stephen on Cali Green Kings

Superb product for excellent prices, with a highly communicative and dedicated staff.

Ya’ can’t go wrong ordering your flower through CaliGreenKings!

by Friedensreich on Cali Green Kings

I was a little skeptical at first, the deals seemed to good to be true but am i ever impressed.. i will be making the switch and using this site from now on

by Maxim on Cali Green Kings

Well, just placed my third order with QG, Had some delivery issues due to Insurance, totally panicked and most likely annoyed everybody there with my paranoia, customer service here is very quick and patient, and rest assured every issue i panicked about was nothing at all, the products are absolutely top shelf, amazing prices and specials, but its customer service first here, the awesome buds are just a great bonus. thanks for making this experience so good I will be back again and again

by Baltasar on Cali Green Kings

Don’t think i need to receive a service from these guys before commenting my satisfaction the bud look amazing in picture and for the price its a hell of a deal and sounds like no one has issues with deliveries keep up the good works lads

by Francis on Cali Green Kings

Words can’t describe how incredible this business is. Your saving my life. Thank you!

by Thomas on Cali Green Kings

My first time buying online and it was awesome i bought the ounce special and they ran out and i got a free upgrade i am very happy with my purchase and will be buying again and its fast delivery

by brandon on Cali Green Kings

I’ve ordered several times and have been happy every time with the quality and the services. I do wish there was more selection. Especially of hash and other concentrates.

by Eunice on Cali Green Kings

I looked everywhere to find good shatter,for a great price and there was CaliGreenKings with the best price and wow the Billy’s crystal shatter is really good I am so stoned thanks so much you guys for helping me out, fantastic,unbelievable. wow is all I can say,the best yet. Thank you to the crew you are doing a great job,I was not even worried about sending money that’s two times and it all worked out great. Thanks thanks

by ekaj541 on Cali Green Kings

The first time I ordered from CaliGreenKings I needed assistance thus I asked them questions online and was so happy that they responded in a polite, professional manner and within a short period of time. The ordering process was efficient and secure and my order was filled quickly without a hitch. Here comes the good part! The quality for the price you pay is out of this world. I am definite multi repeat client od CaliGreenKings.

by b4gillespie on Cali Green Kings

I purchased the OG Kush/Green Crack deal (Awesome Deal btw!) And man this is some good ish! I was feeling frazzled after the first few draws. It burns well and has great bag appeal. I would definitely buy again without question.

My advice.. Stop reading my review now and place a order and get ready to be blown away!

by Eddie on Cali Green Kings

I’m really impressed and happy with the quality of the bud,
The price was great.
delivery speed was 3 days and on time.
customer service was on the ball.
method of payment is extremely efficient for me .. Everything in a whole I’m happy with.
I will say I will be spending a lot of my hard earned money with this company.
Cheer’s !!!

by Shintaro on Cali Green Kings

Small issue regarding payment, but once I verified that payment was made, the process was very quick.
Product arrived well packaged and although my strain was no longer available, I was provided with another strain that proved to be great quality.
For quick service and good weed, I will definitely order from CaliGreenKings again.

by Charles.Jna22 on Cali Green Kings

When courier made a small error Cali Green Kings “instantly” made it right and I couldn’t have been happier not only was the deal amazing to begin with but the quality of their product has proven to be beyond exceptional and the fact that they cared enough to take the time to politely reply to ALL my emails really blew me away. You guys rock

by Yupa on Cali Green Kings

I am very impressed with the product, the level of service and the speed of delivery. You are very sure now of one new routine customer
Thank you gives so much

by janine on Cali Green Kings

Best word I can use to describe the level of customer service I received from CaliGreenKings. I had placed an order that had said it was delivered t but was never placed in my mailbox (Gotta keep a eye on that mailman!) . Even though I never got my package I communicated with CaliGreenKings and even though they could have washed their hands clean of the situation they took the time out to look into and resolve my issue and compassionately replaced my order which was received a couple of days later in the mail. I am so appreciative of all you’ve done for me that I’ve been spreading the word with my friends and family about this place. If you were ever hesitant to purchase your medicine online trust me when I say if you’re reading this you found the right spot!! Order today and know that you’re in caring and excellent hands!! Much love & Respect CaliGreenKings!!

by Merlen on Cali Green Kings

I hope this is a sign of the future in this industry. Every company I have delt with have gone above and beyond with exceptional service and kindness. Cali Green Kings is on top of the pile. Prices put my local dealer out of my business. Sure hope things don’t go for shit

by Julie on Cali Green Kings

Amazing 😄 product, shipping, customer service, everything is great.

by Bailey on Cali Green Kings

i havent had the greatest experience ordering online , till now!! you guys rock 🙂 definitely have a new loyal customer , the price the product outstanding keep up the good work

by Andrew on Cali Green Kings

I have used this site a hand full of times now and I must say the customer service is amazing and the bud is even better!!

by Zilan on Cali Green Kings

I absolutely love Cali Green Kings, they have the best marijuana strains, and the best prices ever. Always top quality stuff you’ll never be disappointed. So far my fav strains are Indicas and it’s on for a great deal right now. Ordering some Cali Green Kings a day keeps the doctor away

by Vasilievich on Cali Green Kings

Thanks for the quick response when I contacted you, everything is of the best quality and at a great price. You guys are doing God’s work. God was the name of a guy who sold weed here, Mason. Keep it up 10/10 Would recommend.

by Ben on Cali Green Kings

I could not be happier with the product and level of service. The future is here! No more sketchy meets in an alley. Fast, reliable and great prices to boot! I’ve already recommended Cali Green Kings to my like mined friends. Keep up the great work guys!

by Alberto on Cali Green Kings

I am so happy I found you guys. Tried 2 strains already and more than happy with the shipping times, costumer service and the quality of the products! I can’t believe some deals that you have! Love the deals while they last

by Jean & Rene on Cali Green Kings

Wonderful variety of products, easy ordering with speedy delivery. My husband is diabetic and suffers from nerve pain and anxiety. We found the perfect strain on your site which eases his symptoms. Your site is very much appreciated, as is your quick replies to emails. We have both recommend your business to others, and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for offering a service with products that are able to help people improve their quality of life!

by Lily on Cali Green Kings

Used so many websites didn’t get the best. was recommended this website and my life is set!!!

by Nazim on Cali Green Kings

Love how you have free shipping over 1000 bucks.
Just ordered again for the second time, but now in the new year and with your new email. Can’t remember how long it took to get here but I’m excited because I just ordered the AK47 kush. Oh baby!

by Brandy on Cali Green Kings

Excellent product, service and discreet shipping!!
What more can you ask for? All types of strains to suit any smokers tastes/budget.
Heavy hitting indicas and uplifting sativas, even some hybrids if that tickles your fancy!

No worries, Cali Green Kings has some of the best customer service out there!

I have been using this amazing company for a while now and have yet to be disappointed.

by Veron on Cali Green Kings

This is the first and only site i have bought from online. The product is amazing and the customer service is just as good if not better.

by Mandy on Cali Green Kings

probably the most competitive priced supplier that offers the fastest delivery at your convenience. products are of the highest quality and I have yet to be disappointed!!!!

by Miriam on Cali Green Kings

I have nothing but good words to say about this company, their product is very high quality at good prices, they have amazing promotions all the time and not to mention the free grams added to your order! Their staff is very helpful and friendly, if you are unsure about this website at first (as I was) take my word for it, do yourself a favor and place an order!

by Britney on Cali Green Kings

These guys are legit. They are the real deal!
Delivery only took 3 days and the quality of their bud is excellent.
Great communication via email. Very responsive and attention given to customer service. Highly recommended!

by Ryszard on Cali Green Kings

Got my 2× 28 …Granddady Kush….This is my favorite Strain and is grown, cured,dried, and trimmed perfectly…Nice big buds and definitely the best bud I’ve ever had and smoked !And I’ve been smoking for 33 years..CaliGreenKings is my go to dispensary!!!!!This batch seems to be even better than the last batch 2 months ago..,more big fat buds anyways!! 5 stars

by Subhash on Cali Green Kings

wonderful customer service and the prices are amazing. Have not purchased anywhere else since.
Shake was great for what I was using it for, the Sunday services are amazing. Recently purchased an oz of og kush and lemon meringue pie. You won’t be disappointed.

by Carlson on Cali Green Kings

I have had a great experience with Cali Green Kings over the past few months, they have some great products, I have tried several different kinds and strains. I think my personal favorite was the sample of hash they sent with one of my orders, was amazing! I have had great experiences with their customer service, they have always been very quick to resolve any of my concerns. I have no issues with their shipping, I order early in the week and quite often get it within 2 days of ordering. I recommend you guys often 😀 I cannot say enough ⭐⭐

by Pauline on Cali Green Kings

Best site out there. Quality, priced right and speedy delivery. Tried numerous strains and all are top shelf!

by Juvenal on Cali Green Kings

Best place to order your buds
Thx to all the team

by William Lloyd on Cali Green Kings

this was my 3rd order, keep telling my friends, this is the place for flower, it always gett here pretty quick, good customer service, always kept in touch, thanks CaliGreenKings

by Creighton on Cali Green Kings

Awesome product. Better quality I’m gonna start ordering with these guys nice buds Love it.

by Michael on Cali Green Kings

The products I’ve gotten from these guys have all been top notch! Every strain is treated properly and arrives perfectly dried & cured. And their distillate pens are killer for discrete medicating on the go! Highly recommend these guys.

by Edward on Cali Green Kings

Great products! Great customer service! Value for money greens. I started buying in 2017 and my first strain ever was Purple Kush. Loved them and started buying more. My friends asked me to buy for them and they bought it after. Loved Purple Kush, OG and Green Crack the most for it’s price. Tried some shatter and it was great too 🔥 These people actually gave me a vape pen for my birthday!!! That’s effing amazing. Best website to get the best greens you need

by Tracy B on Cali Green Kings

Just got my first order and I’m extremely pleased! Definitely will be ordering from them again! Thanks CaliGreenKings!
Tracy B

by ali.ahmad89 on Cali Green Kings

big time fan of the quality !! i had a bad customer service experience at first but these guys resolved it quick 🙂 ….. life time buyer 🙂 … notch quality!!

by Donald on Cali Green Kings

Top class buds and service was exceptional.Well worth the bread to get these nugs. I

by Hilaire on Cali Green Kings

Fast delivery, great quality. Better than what I found in dispensaries. Price is really good too. It’s a bang for a buck thing when you buy from CaliGreenKings

by Peter.veron77 on Cali Green Kings

Easy to deal with and very personable customer service finally a MOM that actually knows the definition of Quads ! the 1 business day delivery delay time doesn’t hurt either very nice!

by Ambrose on Cali Green Kings

Top buds. My best site for quality,variety and price. Thumbs up guys.

by Frédéric on Cali Green Kings

Every product I’ve gotten from these guys has been top grade! The flower all arrived perfectly dried and cured in cute packaging. Their vape pens are also gray for discrete toking on the go! Highly recommend.

by Sheila on Cali Green Kings

I absolutely love CaliGreenKings! With an insane selection of top quality product, you just can’t go wrong here. And the sales are just outstanding!❤️

by Randy on Cali Green Kings

I love caligreenkings! Everything I have ordered, and received has been A+! The service is amazing, the products are affordable, delicious, and efficient for all your medicinal or recreational needs! Delivery is so fast as well! I would highly recommend their hybrid Strains, it’s my favourite out of the bunch! For sure 100% happy with Cali Green Kings. and I would recommend it to anyone who needs affordable, quality products!

by Williams on Cali Green Kings

Amazing Selections and Great Pricing! Cali Green Buds Cannabis Online Dispensary has wonderful Service and Deliveries you can count on!
Truth be told buying Cannabis Products online could be scary, But with
Cali Green Buds You can Rest Easy knowing you are in their Caring Hands!
They have the Best Cannabis Quality with Pricing that is better that reasonable,
you will absolutely thank yourself for ordering from Cali Green Buds.

Medicate Responsibly : )

by Pablo on Cali Green Kings

Cali Green Kings is by far, hands down, one of the best company’s to deal with. These great folks, are all about helping medical cannabis users, the top shelf strains they want, at amazing wicked prices. Plus super fast shipping, and all across world. This is a Highly Recommend medical cannabis dispensary, I really suggest you give them a try, and you’ll be hooked on their quick, fast, and super friendly service😀🙏✌ Hippie’s Flower Hour

by Chauncey1986 on Cali Green Kings

Gotta say these guys have the BEST customer service!!! If your not happy with a product they will do what they can to make you happy! Their bud is totally beautiful and tastes even better! Been ordering from them since 6 months ago, and have had a great experience so far!!!

by Wernher von on Cali Green Kings

Always such friendly people & great customer service. Products are top shelf, amazing deals ! Never leave unsatisfied, you guys have a customer for life !

by marcello.jena on Cali Green Kings

First time customer. It was so easy to order and delivery efficient.. I’m definitely coming back for more.

by Ashley on Cali Green Kings

Had a rough time with the shipping but all and all customer service was great and did everything they can to get it to me as fast as possible and not to mention the amazing quality of the goods

by Leonardo on Cali Green Kings

Just stopping to drop a few lines about the amazing experience I’ve had with Cali Green Kings. I have been skeptical about finding products for a good price online however Cali Green Kings has put my mind at ease with multiple high quality heavy indica strains at an affordable price ! I am a chronic user and I’m quite picky when it comes to my flowers. I look for heavy hitting indica strains often, if you are the same Cali Green Kings has got you covered. I also tried out a lovely indica distillate vape pen for those times I’m needing to stay medicated and discreet. I’ve dealt with many online dispensary’s but Cali Green Kings services have set the bar extremely high and I will continue to shop with this great dispensary!

by Jimmy on Cali Green Kings

Have to admit was a bit of a sceptic when it came to ordering my bud online, bin used to dropping in and getting my bud from the guy next door, the product is very good and the delivery is consistent , better to order Sunday Evening for best delivery times, this was my 2nd order and convinced this is the way to go, no mess no fuss, rest-assured will be keeping my account open, thanks CaliGreenKings, keep up the good job.

by josua on Cali Green Kings

Some really great strains from CaliGreenKings, you guys never disappoint and always come through!! Keep up the great work to the whole team!!

by Christopher on Cali Green Kings

You guys are the the best !! I am so happy with my service and products and I wish I would have found you earlier so I can love you longer !!

by Khalil on Cali Green Kings

First time buying from CaliGreenKings and would definitely buy again. The order was processed quickly and arrived faster than expected.
Their prices are the best I have found and the quality of the products were well beyond my imagination.
Highly recommend!!

by J Mariella on Cali Green Kings

I tell everyone about this site! Such good bud for the price! Keep it up guys! I got some moon rock on my last order.

by James on Cali Green Kings

Great bud for the price. Highly recommended.

by Abraham Joshua on Cali Green Kings

Made my first order, I was very skeptical but was happy to have received quickly and at weight some amazing product. Nice dense buds full of flavor and smell, which matched. Thank you CaliGreenKings!!! You have made a return customer out of me!

by Rudy on Cali Green Kings

shipping was fast and product was at a level you don’t find in licensed shops around, was impressed. One smell of that Pineapple express and they have a loyal customer going forward.

by Harry on Cali Green Kings

I ordered an IB of BlackBerry Kush and I have to say that this strain has it all. It looks fantastic and this order seemed to be perfectly cured. The taste and smell is just phenomenal not to mention the high, a nice clean head high. keeps me energized but don’t smoke too much too quick or else its to the sofa for you. I ordered on Saturday and received my order on the following wednesday. I have to say that this is truly the nicest most beautiful strain. Definitely AAAA+. Will definitely order this strain again.

by Jessica on Cali Green Kings

I got 1 pound kush. Was straight up amazing. Great value. Great taste. Great buzz. Just great.

by Stodalka on Cali Green Kings

CaliGreenKings is a great company to deal with. I actually entered my old address (maybe to stoned) and later correcrted it after a day. They sent it with no problem and was there within a couple days. Great site great weed, even better dabs

by Gillet on Cali Green Kings

Ordered an oz of purple kush for an amazing price and they had it to where i wanted in no time. Love my purchase and very happy about the service! THANKS GUYS :)! Will definitely be ordering again.

by clarance on Cali Green Kings

Absolutely terrific quick service and the best deals I have seen. Been telling friends and now there on board too. Have got a sweet selection so no need to go anywhere else

by Natt on Cali Green Kings

2nd time I order , delivery is quick . Got the vape pen special 🙂 it’s worth every puff 🙂 A+++

by David on Cali Green Kings

Good customer service had an order split because they ran out of one thing. I panicked but they got back to me quick. Very impressed with the flowers.

by Margaret on Cali Green Kings

Cali Green Kings has excellent customer service I am a special needs person and I have trouble reading and CaliGreenKings has help me learn how to place an order CaliGreenKings has the best customer service that I have seen in a long time great job can’t wait to try the Hybrid and the nuke AAA×

by Hermann on Cali Green Kings

Had a substitution on my last order. And it was totally cool by me stuff happens. So the awesome folks at CaliGreenKings sent me a distillate pen and some gummies on top of my order. So now that I have tried them all. I can say the gummies are sweet. The distillate is deadly. The shatter ive tried tastes great and got me wriggity wriggity wrecked. And the five strains of flower I’ve tried so far have all been fantastic! I believe this is going to be a beautiful long lasting friendship.